We are cultivating a welcoming culture where you can truly belong

Feel at home, even at work
We believe in a culture where you can take a yoga break in the middle of the day and have a friendly chat with your co-workers all the while empowering millions of people on their home buying journey. We’re a team that is dedicated to working together and creating a unique, fun and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive

A culture of care that puts people first

We believe that a company is nothing without its people, and that’s why we’ve built a culture that puts people first (Robots come a close second). Your health, happiness, and well-being will be treated like a priceless treasure – because it is.
"We offer opportunities to learn, grow and have fun on the way in a 'home-like environment'. Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime activity for most people and REA India's aim is to make the homebuyer's journey hassle-free & stress-free. It's a great cause to associate yourself with and you get to work with a bunch of talented people to achieve it."
Rohit Hasteer

A culture of open & honest communication

We have a strict ‘no sugar coating’ policy – when you have something to say, you can say it without filters and keep it jargon-free. Open and honest communication is not just encouraged, it’s mandatory!
"Empathy is a big part of our culture. In 2021, my father was unwell and was admitted to the hospital. I had to take multiple leaves. During those tough times, the support I received from my leaders was second to none. I got to experience our people-centric policies in action first hand and was very touched."
Ajaai S
Human Resources

A culture of human connection

We believe that human connections are just as important as our bottom line. You can think of it like this – our culture is a living breathing system and the connections that people form with each other are its oxygen.
"I work from home. But whenever I visit the office, I have a great time. Post work, my Manager and I go and grab a beer and have very interesting conversations. One thing which my manager told me has especially struck a chord with me. He told me that - "my prime focus should be on how I grow - both personally and professionally."
Manish Kumar
“Your peers and leaders always have your back. You are free to walk up to any leader and have a conversation with them. There are no walls here. You do not think twice before reaching out to someone for help. This is why our office feels like a second home to us.”

A culture of celebrating every achievement

We don’t ‘recognise’ your achievements, we champion them like your grandma on Facebook. And when we achieve something big together, we celebrate it like a national holiday, all frills attached!
"You have the freedom to experiment and make meaningful contributions at PropTiger. I helped develop a system that would help us narrow our focus to leads that have shown interest. This means that we can shorten the time spent on the early stages of customer conversion from 30 days to just 5-10 days. I was even given a ‘Spotlight’ award for this contribution."
Himanshu Jain
Business Intelligence
“With our AutoVALUEgraphy initiative, you get to chronicle stories of your work achievements while displaying company values. Such opportunities are not just about getting you noticed but it helps you share the learnings with the team as well.”
Harini Balasubramanian
Content Marketing

A culture where work and play
go hand in hand

We keep coming up with new ways to let loose, bond with your co-workers, and maybe even discover hidden talents (or the lack of them) you never knew you had. Whether it’s an offsite event, a team-specific bonding experience or a friendly sports competition, we’ve got it all.
"We try to celebrate all festivals in its true spirit and each year we try to bring in a novelty element to the way we celebrate the festival, so that people always have a great experience. This Diwali was also special. All came dressed in ethnic attire, had festive food, and played various games that took us down the memory lane of childhood."
Vijay Chopra

Making our workplace a home for all

Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity are not boxes we check off on hiring forms. At PropTiger.com, you can be who you are – 100%. Our work family has people from all walks of life, age-groups, genders, cultures, cognitive abilities and skill sets. We’re proud to be a melting pot of different perspectives and ideas.
We provide training for employees on topics such as gender sensitization and unconscious bias
Our practices are designed to cater a diverse workforce and promote an inclusive environment
We regularly review and assess our company’s DEI efforts and progress, with the goal of continuous improvement
"Equality is a key priority in the minds of the leaders here. It’s an extremely inclusive environment where women are enabled to take up leadership roles. We’ve made it our mantra to ask ourselves ‘Are we hearing all diverse voices and opinions?’ before making any business decision."
Garima Shukla
Growth & Marketing

What we expect from you

Just like any family, there are a few things we expect from you once you move in. When you come home….

Bring a global mindset

Be ready to think big & set new standards as a global leader in the industry

Find meaning in what you do

Be motivated by our purpose – to fulfil dreams and change the way India experiences property

Never stop learning and growing

Constantly expand your skill set and discover opportunities to advance your career

Build a true sense of belonging

Help build a workplace where everyone can feel at home and be their best selves

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